08 The Host 2013 Lacey Returns06:09

08 The Host 2013 Lacey Returns

 An extraction is when a soul is removed from their host. Usually this is because the host is nearing death, either from old age or injury, and the soul needs to move t a new body. Wanderer teaches the humans in the caves how to extract souls from human bodies in an attempt to bring back the human consciousness. Only some hosts will return after the soul is removed. they may not remember anything about their life prior to being a host, as was the case with Candy after Summer Song was extracted fro  her body. Some never fully left, and so their consciousness comes back quickly. This was the case with Lacey and Melanie. They are called resistant hosts, since they never fully left their bodies. Some hosts however, completely fade away whena soul is inserted, and even when they are extracted, they will not return and the body will slowly diw unless a soul is reintroduced. This was the case with Jodi and Pets bodies. Usually bodies taken over ata young age, or who were taken over before the humans became aware of the souls, will not become resistant hosts, and will fade away.

An extraction is said to be an easy procedure, usually done  by a healer, but can be done by any soul in an emergency. Wanderer once had to extract her friend of the Mists Planet from his bear host after he was attacked by a claw beast.

In human hosts, an incison is made in the neck, near the skull. The nest step is to reach in and gently massage the soul, so they will relax their attachments and remove themselves from the hosts brain. If the soul is pulled out or dissected, the hosts brain will be shredded and they will both die. After the soul is removed, they must either be put into another host or a cryotank quickly to prevent them from dying.

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