Film Adaptation

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William Hurt as Jeb Stryder

Jeb will be portrayed by Award-winning actor William Hurt in the film adaptation of The Host. Prior to the invasion he accidently discovered a system of caves in the desert while out hikeing and nearly died trying to find his way out. He decided to keep his discovery a secret; a desicion that proved pivotal in the invasion and granted the rements of humanity a safe heaven hidden from the Souls.

He maintains order in the safe heaven by virtue of being the only person to posess a gun; earth wepons having been wiped out by the Souls after their invasion. Despite protests from the community he allowes Wanderer to remain alive in Melanie's body after she finds them. While watching her Melanie tells Wanderer how everyone believes her uncle was "crazy" but the alien describes him has a genius who see's more than most; having worked out with little effort that Melanie was still alive in her body.

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