Jebediah Stryder
Jebediah Stryder
Family Jamie Stryder (nephew), Maggie Stryder (sister), Sharon Stryder (niece), Melanie Stryder (niece)
Portrayed By William Hurt
"Did you expect us to just give up, Wanderer? We have a stronger survival instinct than that. Of course we want to find a way to get our minds back. It could be any one of us someday. So many people we love are already lost."  -Jeb to Wanderer.

Jebediah Stryder or "Jeb" is MelanieJamie's and Sharon's eccentric uncle, described by some as "crazy". He was one of the first humans to suspect an alien invasion, and thus constructed an elaborate hide-out in caves beneath the Arizona d
esert. He believes that Wanda can fit in with the humans, and therefore puts both her and the others in very uncomfortable social situation. However, he remains convinced that no one will hurt Wanda due to his habit of strolling around with a gun and warning others that they are in "his house, his rules".
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Despite his flighty demeanor, he seems to have a handle on everything in the caves and tends to give very good advice. He is described as having a wild beard. He had left the directions on Melanie's old photograph album, which later helped Melanie to find Jared and other humans, whom she believed had become hosts.

He knew about the invasion and escaped with his sister, Maggie Stryder. He has a secret cave in Arizona where he houses many other humans and later a few souls as well. Throughout the book he helps wanderer and becomes a friend to her. He decribes himself as a curious man and asks Wanderer many questions about other planets and the souls who now inhabit the planet. It is said at many points in the book that Jeb always gets his own way, and he acts as the leader in the caves where they live.

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