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  • He was cast as the role of Jake Abel
  • Max read the book during takes of the film
  • He had almost lost the role
  • Max made sure that he got his character down to a tea.
  • Jake was reportedly going to be scrapped due to funding problems [1]
  • he might be reprising the role again.

On Set

  • The character was meant to be in the background only [2]
  • The character was meant to be invested with a soul [3]
  • Character based on this was done via Twilight's main character Edward Cullen. [4]
  • The character might be getting a spin off from the host franchise.

Real life

  • He is the son of Jeremy Irons [5]
  • He has got a sibling [6]
  • He has been in a TV Show [7]
  • He was got a degree in Modelling. [8]
  • He has a relationship with Emily Browning who played the new Wanderer.[9]


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