Melanie Stryder
Name Melanie Stryder
Gender Female
Spouse(s) Jared Howe (partner)
Family Jamie Stryder (brother)
Portrayed By Saoirse Ronan
Tell him. Please tell him that I love him."' - Melanie to Wanderer regarding her brotherJamie Stryder

Melanie Stryder
, born to Trev Stryder and Linda Stryder, is one of the protagonists of The Host. She is of the human resistance on Earth when the invading souls came. When running away from the Seekers, she knows what would happen if she was caught and jumps down an empty elevator shaft in order to escape that fate. She does not die and her body is healed for Wanderer's insertion. However, Melanie does not lose her conscience like others before her because she was aware of what would be happening to her -- of another mind taking over -- and also because she is very strong as a human. She continued to talk to Wanderer.


In the book, Melanie is 17 when she meets Jared for the first time, and 21 at end. She spent about a year as Wanderer's host.

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