Petals Open to the Moon
Name Petals Open to the Moon
Gender Unknown (Most likely Sexless) (Soul)

Female (Human host)

Unknown (Flower host)

Family Cloud Spinner (adoptive mother while on Earth)
Portrayed By Emily Browning

Petals Open to The Moon or "Pet" is a Soul that emigrated from Flower Planet to Earth and was subsequently disinserted by Doc so Wanderer could have a body without a human consciousness. She has been cast in the movie, by Emily Browning.


Prior to The Host

Petals Open to the Moon spent a term (or more) with the Flowers where she apparently lived a normal life in a Moon Flower (a variant of the Flowers) body. She is known to have made friends with "Ruffles... And More Ruffles".

At some point she emigrated to Earth and acquired a young body; apparently filling the consciousness "vacancy" before the body could acquire it's own human consciousness. The body eventually developed into a what is described as "an exact translation from Flower to human" of the Night Flower body's appearance.

Petals Open to the Moon was raised by her "Mother" Cloud Spinner.

The Host


Wanderer seeing herself inside Pet's body

Petals Open to the Moon (her host seventeen years of age) was \walking along when she was approached by a girl she had never seen before. They had a friendly conversation. All seemed fine, until a man and boy emerged from an alley, grabbed her, and knocked her out with a sedative.

Ian, Wanda (inside Pet's body) and Jamie

She was subsequently put into hibernation and arrangements were made so she could be shipped off Earth.

 Film Portrayal

In February 2013, it was announced that rumors surrounding Browning's possible appearance in
Emily browning1

Emily Browning

a film adaption of the novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer - were proven to be true as revealed by co-star Saoirse Ronan during a press junket interview for the film. Director Andrew Niccol also stated in the special The Host collector's edition of Us magazine that Browning would be 'great for the next movie', indicating a larger role in a possible sequel.

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