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A Calling is a host word for a job. The souls do not get paid in their job since no soul has to pay for anything on the planet Earth. Every soul in a host has a Calling. Wanderer's Calling is Teaching the souls' History. Since Wanderer has now lived on nine worlds, she knows mostly everything about all of the History. Many souls are intrigued with Wanda's stories, and she loves to tell them. During the raids Wanderer had been on, many Callings are what the human hosts used to do when they had control.

Although Wanderer wasn't interested in Healing, she knows a great deal of healing wounds.

A lists of Callings on Earth are:

  • Musical Performers
  • Professor
  • Storyteller
  • Seeker
  • Comforter
  • Healer
  • Artist
  • Mother
  • researcher

These are some of the Callings. Many other Callings are a mystery, although they may never be found out.

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