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Notable souls 


Soul Current Calling Name Origin
Burns Living Flowers Human rebel cell member Fire World
Cerulean Healing facility receptionist and assistant Planet of the Flowers
Cloud Spinner ? ?
Curt School Principal Earth
Darren Healer's assistant Earth
Earthborn Pharmacist Earth/Planet of the Flowers*
Faces Sunward Student Planet of the Flowers
Flame Tender ? Fire World
Fords Deep Waters Healer ?
Glass Spires ? Mists Planet
Glitter Weaver Ice Sculptor Mists Planet
Hank Seeker Earth
Harness Light ? Mists Planet
Kathy Comforter Earth
Knits Fire Healer Fire World
Petals Open to the Moon ? Planet of the Flowers
Racing Song/Kevin ? Singing World/Earth
Robert Student Earth
The Seeker Seeker ?
Spiraling Upward Harmony


? Singing World
Summer Song Healer Singing World
Sunlight Passing Through the Ice Human rebel cell member Mists Planet
Wanderer Human rebel cell member/Teacher Earth

*Earthborn likely means either "born on Earth" or "came from the ground," (as with a Flower).  

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