"This is what a soul looks like, outside the human body.
Vital statistics
Sentient Yes
Worlds The Origin (homeworld)
Singing World
Mists Planet
Fire World
Planet of the Flowers
Many others
Animal-like or Plant-like Unknown
Births Live Births
Natural Predators Unknown
Earth Creature Analogy Centipedes (Name given by Jeb's rebel cell)


Soul Assimilation Status Unknown

Souls are a sentient species from The Origin.[1]


Souls are the alien species of other species, including humans.

They have been taken![2]


  1. This is due to they are a sentient creature who infect the human population and any other species out there in the universal
  2. Souls are generally are a main source of good spirit and mostly have a way to find what and who are the different living beings out there.

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