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    One of the few critics out there that gave The Host a positive review is Nancy Churnin of The Dallas Morning News.  Nancy wrote a follow up to her review after the un-impressive performance of the film at the box office.  She calls it “Five Reasons You Must See The Host.”  You can find the full article here (source). (I would just like to say that I really like this woman!)

    “1. Know anyone who has ever been bullied for being different? Are you sick of the us vs. them mentality? In a world that too often pits one group against another, The Host is all about empathy, making its lead character a likeable alien in a human body after an alien invasion of the earth.

    2. Are you tired of stereotypes of girls clawing each other over some guy? …

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  • Adriennechin

    About the Film

    March 31, 2013 by Adriennechin


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