Greetings, I am Chakrasandwich and I am a very frequent contributor to Avatar wikia, and would like to be on this wikia. I have a few questions about this wikia(as well as just plain questions) about things that I have noticed(or haven't noticed) and that I think, if not taken care of, should be changed. And you might think I'm a bit harsh about these things, but truly I only wish for the best :)

1. I have noticed that most images do not have licensing, and that some images are even fan made(so not canon). Are there rules on images? If not, then there should be because wikias are like encyclopedias and all information should be canon (meaning from official sources) and images should always state their sources due to copyrights. Which also means there should be a template for stating the source.

2. Are there a lot of users? I would think that The Host is a popular book because Stephanie Meyer wrote it, and therefore would have a lot of users on the wikia like the Twilight wikia. Many pages have very little information, that have so many things that you can add. For example, on Avatar wikia for characters, they have a "history" section, a "personailty" section,  an "abilities" section, a "relationships" section, and a "relatives" section.

3. Are there any administrators to take care of vandalism? There are people on the internet who just like to "troll" and can delete a whole page in one click. And if there were administrators, they could be taken care of efficiently.

4. Are there any templates for quotes, deleting images, infoboxes, etc? I noticed that for characters, a quote was just place on the top. On avatar wikia, the quotes have templates that have the quote in a bolded box and has you specify who said the quote, and to whom. If an image is unneeded or unused or not canon, the image would normally be deleted(on avatar wikia). There is a template that notifies administrators to delete the image, and there is a template that you put on the image. Do they have that here?

5. Is there a fan fiction portal here? Many people (including me) probably have many ideas about mini stories that they think up of that occur in "The Host" world, and they should have a location to express these ideas.

6. Why are there no places to comment on things? Like pages and characters?

7. Do you have any forums? On the Avatar wikia, they have a "War Room Forum" where major changes to the wikia are discussed and voted on. If the idea is majorly supported, it would pass and so the wikia would continue to improve. And also just a minor thing, they have signatures on Avatar wikia to sign on forums...Do you have them here?

I have many more that I can't currently think of, but I appreciate your time for reading this.

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