Cassia Hollands

Cassia Hollands
Name Cassia Hollands
Gender Female
Spouse(s) none
Family deceased parents
  • grandparents(presumed deceased)
  • half-sister (alive, inserted with a Soul)
  • half-brother (alive, inserted with a Soul)
Job Medicine University Student (former)

Early Life and During the Invasion

Before the invasion, Clarissa Holland was a Medicine University Student, year II. She lived with her grandparents after her parents died in a car accident when she was 15.

She is a short-tempered and easy-annoyed person however she can be calm. Cassia is understanding, smart, powerful and a person who doesn't give up

After the death of her parents, the invasion started. Her town, Chicago, was on the list of the targets for first collonization wave. She changed her name from Clarissa Holland to Cassia Hollands for protection. Her half-siblings and grandparents were captured.

The Runaway and the new Home

She went away from the town as in few weeks she got to the edge of the USA with Canada, almost passing. She was a lone wolf, running by herself and trusting no one. She met few Souls who switched sides and found a home.

She was the only human among them until Darren Grande stopped by in the town. At first, Darren killed few of the good Souls, thus losing any kind of trust that he could get.

Love Story with Darren and Life with Highdare

Even though she didn't trusted him, Cassia found Darren to be a good friend, thus also falling in love with him. However, she couldn't betray the Souls into trusting him. Though it was a great mistake, she did betrayed the Souls because even before she could notice she was unconditionally and controllable in love with Darren.

They ran away together, having beautiful nights together and infernal days running. They've got until an airport and were able to run away from USA. But as they arrived in France, Seekers found them and Darren got caught and insered with Highdare, an explosive and impulsive Soul who would play 'love and seek' with Cassia only to hurt her.

Cassia planned to kill Darren and do suicide for their own good. However Highdare felt the bad coming so he showed her how to let him get away from Darren and have him back. Darren escaped but out of anger, Cassia killed the Soul.

Darren, who somehow was happy to be back, started to show no affection to her. Love fades, so have him.


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