aka Lux Philippa Augustine-Chaff

  • I live in Gdańsk
  • I was born on November 8
  • I am Kobieta
  • Olik008

    Hi Guys :)

    This is my list the most beautiful kiss I have seen on the movies :) OMG they's love is amazing :***

    • 1.

    • 2.

    • 3.

    • 4.

    • 5.

    • 6.

    • 7.
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  • Olik008

    I hate Twilight Saga - Stephenie Meyer's books. Perfect "vampire" Edward Cullen and his "love of the life" Bella Swan are very "sweet". Ugh XD. IN MY OPINION. But The Host is my one favorite book this writerss :) I very like Wanderer/Wanda and Ian O'Shea :*** Saoirse Ronan/Emily Browning and Jake Abel are good actors :) The movie is no perfectly but, I like him :)

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