When I first read the book The Host I couldn't help but wonder how can a person love someone this much ! No, I'm not talking about Melanie or Jared , I'm talking about Ian .
He doesn't only love Wanderer despite knowing that she's of another species, but
also keeps loving her the same even after she is removed from Melanie's body ! He doesn't care what body she'll get, he just wants to keep her around. Those who believes that love is all about beauty or one has to have an attractive human body in order to be loved ; their conception will probabely change if they understand and feel the character Ian. At first I was very irritated with his cruel behavior towards such a good person like Wanda. But when I saw him feeling

Ian O'shea

guilty for doing that, I found myself feeling the same for being even irritated with him in the first place ! He is so much good that I don't know the exact words to praise him. Just want to say -

East or west, Ian is the BEST !!!

So, which team are you ???

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