I often think that if it's possible for anyone to be like Wanda..... She is so good that it's really hard to find someone like her in today's world. At the same time I also wonder if anyone is like the Seeker or Sharon or even Melanie.....

Here are a few questions which may help you to find out that character you resemble..............

1. When you see a building is burning and a baby boy is trapped there, you will -

       a) save him if you're related with him

b) ask others if they have informed the fire brigade, if not then you'll inform them

c) save him, no matter whether you even know him or not

d) not do anything and walk away

2. Suppose you're a doctor and your senior doctor asks you to abort someone's child illegally, you will -

       a) do as you're asked

       b) try to know if it will harm you or not, if not then you'll do it

       c) agree at first but before starting it you'll call the police

       d) do not agree at all and resign then and there

3. If you accidentally come to know about your husband's secret ex girlfriend , you will -

       a) leave his house after quarrelling a lot

       b) give him the silent treatment for a while

       c) show him that you are upset as he didn't tell you about it before but you'll forget about it later

       d) try to investigate whether he's still attached to her or not


   I will give the result later...... Please, let me know what you've found out ! ............

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