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This wiki, is starting to pick up the anty for those who love The Host, and the author who wrote The Twilight Saga. But now the movie adaption of the novel The Host is coming out today in some parts of the world but tomorrow is others. I am here to explain that there will be new ownership of this wiki soon, and I am in the process of adopting it and here is my explaination.

My reasons

Reason One

The first reason that I am adopting this wiki, is that the original founder has not yet made an edit in over four years and it is about time for a new owner to step in and make the wiki as sucessful as the Twilight one has and make admins on here to help me do this. But you will have to request to be one and I will read your entry in to become an admin on here.

Reason two

The second reason that I am adopting this wiki, it was a barren and no one was editing on it, baren a few users from other wiki's to keep this going, so I stepped up and requested to community central I would be the new owner and make the wiki a popular one like Twilight like I said before. But I would have to have some help with it, though. I will be one admin that will not take any trolling or editing wildy on here, so you better becareful.

Reason three

My last reason that I am telling you this, is that you have the right to know about this and I need your support to do so, so please help me with this, like I would do the same if it were someone else that needed a helping hand to adopt a wiki, because it is a huge step in doing so. I am so excited for the process to be done and dusted and This wiki will be one that will be updated every single day. I will provide you's with news and more blogs to read about the movie and will be deleting pages that have broken links and what not.

Admin Rights

Well to be an admin you have to click on the link in brackets (The Host Wiki:Requests for adminship) and you will have to fill out a form I personally took the time to right and I will read them as soon as they are done, but the top two that sound actually really convincing will be given admin rights but the I will give two users roll back rights if they apply for it as well along with chat moderators.


To apply for an admin position you will have had done at least over 130 edits on here and a user who will help this wiki grow and get more popular and promote this wiki as best as you can. You will have to fight again trolling and editing wildly. So you will have to be aware of what users do on here. Plus I will give admin jobs to do and you will have to do them in the given time I give you's.


To be an admin, you have to follow these rules below and it is a must if you are one.

  • Block anyone who is editing wildly
  • Block anyone trolling any user pages
  • Block anyone who is harrising others
  • Block anyone who might be a threat to the wiki
  • Ban from chat for a while
  • Ban people from creating pages and blogs

I will be going on and on and on, so they are only just a few on you might get the idea by the time you have read this blog.


So yeah, this blog is just to let all you's know what is happening and I need your help, so please help me out here. Plus I want to add some pictures on this blog, to celebrate the movie coming out.


Movie Questions

  1. So who is going to see the movie?
  2. Who is your fave character?
  3. What part of the movie are you looking forward to?
  4. How many times are you going to see it?
  5. When do you think Stephenie Meyer will be making another The Host book?

My responses

  1. I am going to see it next weekend, no one spoil it for me!
  2. Melanie Stryder is my fave, but her soul Wanderer is level with her.
  3. I am looking to The Seeker chacing both Melanie and Wanderer.
  4. I am going to see it as many times as possible.
  5. I think it would be next year or the end of this year she will release a sequal to The Host.

(But if you have any questions in why this page is a stub please message Big Brother 99 who has adopted this wiki, thank you!)

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