I am here to tell you, that I will be going through the videos and pictures, so that I can purge it this wiki of non-related videos or pictures. 


So I will give you a few reason why:

  1. They are not related to the series
  2. They take up space
  3. They need to be off the wiki and transferred to a relevent on
  4. User's who upload exessive amounts of pictures will be blocked for one day and it goes with the videos.


If you try to reason with me, I will be linent to you to keep those on your user page, but other then that, I will be deleteing them anyway, to make room for the DVD/Blue Ray pictures. Plus here is some pointers to look out for:

  1. You must contact me or one of the other admins
  2. You must speak to us in a formal way, if not you will face a block of 2 days
  3. If you're an admin and your talk to me like garbage you will lose those rights and you will be demoted to chat mod for a month
  4. If you do have any questions please ask me or the admins like I said above.


All videos and picture must be relevent to the series, if you are caught then you will be blocked for three days for not obeying this new law. 

Thanks for your co-operation!

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