Ian O'Shea

At the beginning Ian like many others in the caves viewed Wanda as a parasite that would turn on them all. Ian along with his brother Kyle O'Shea and their friend Brandt had tried to get Jared Howe to agree with them that Wanda should be killed. While in a struggle Jared was caught between Kyle and Brandt Ian had tried to strangle Wanda and had nearly succeeded until Jeb Stryder had stepped in. After this incident Ian comes back to see Jared Howe and get his opinion on things. While there he and Jared joked about how Kyle was still mad about his nose. He had eventually turned the conversation to the Seeker Wanda frightened made a sound that caught the attention the two men. While Jared scared Wanda while he was interrogating her Ian tried to get Jared to calm down and let up on Wanda. Annoyed at Wanda's unwillingness to talk and Ian's interference Jared turned around and punched Ian. After Jared finished interrogating Wanda Ian had told Jared he felt guilty at hurting her. This left Wanda and Melanie both very confused. After Jared Kyle and a few others left the caves Wanda was allowed to leave her prison hole.

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