Wes is one of the human rebels hidding in Jeb Stryder's caves. He came from Eureka, Montana. When Wanda first came to the caves, he was not openly hostile to her, yet he wasn't friendly either. However, over time, Wes became one of the first, along with Ian O'Shea, Lily, Walter and Jamie Stryder, to overcome his hatred of souls and slowly became Wanda's friend.

While the humans were waiting for Jared and Jamie to return from a raid, Wes and Lily played a friendly football game against Wanda and Ian. Just after the game, Wes admitted that he was in love with Lily. Despite being older than him, Lily reciprocated his feelings. The two became the happy couple of the Caves. However, their happiness did not last long. A Seeker, who had been hunting the last remnants of human resistance, found the caves and killed Wes. Lily and Wanda were both destroyed by his death.

After burying him next to Walter's tomb, Wanda revealed her greatest secret: how to remove a soul from its host's body without killing either of them. When Wanda had Doc promise to remove her from Melanie's body, she insisted to be buried next to Wes and Walter.

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